David Morán and DMGroup. Leather products. Distributors for shoe industry, shoe repair market, othopaedic and handcraft leather.

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David Morán and DMGroup

Leather products: Distributors for shoe industry, shoe repair market, othopaedic and handcraft leather.

Breve historia de nuetra empresa: David Morán.


Around 1947, the founder of the company, David MORAN MARTINEZ and his wife Josefina SAMPER MARCO, decided to build their future business and settled in Antequera, located in the Province of Malaga, where  they began working in a shop selling leathers, various supplies, tools, and all items necessary for working with the leather. The shop was called : “Almacén de Curtidos David Moran”. (Wholesaler for leather supplies)

Nuestra historia

Leather was a raw material of first necessity, then it became an essential supply in two sectors: the shoe, hand-made by the Shoe-Makers, and in the countryside, it was the conjunction of the farming implements and the animals: the  involvement of the hand-made Leather Confection was mainly done by Harness makers, Belt Makers and Halberdiers.

At the same time was also existing other craftsmen requesting this material, like the leather craftsmen, the upholsterers and in general all leather workers.

But as for everything, modern times and the creativity of men have generated an irremediable evolution, quite crucial in this field: we have observed an alarming and important decrease of all craftsmen generally speaking, and since the early sixties, with the shoe industries appeared many Shoe stores, putting down all the Shoe-Makers who became Shoe-Repairers.

These years were quite difficult and hard for our branch and of course for our  company. But thanks to our management, and being a family business we were able to resist to this change.

During this period, many of our clients closed down. Only few craftsmen remained and kept up the business, mainly thanks to country boots, while a big part of them turned to the new concept of Shoe-Repairing, opening small businesses called “the Shop of the Shoe-Repairs”.

Nuestra historia

Between the 70’s and the 80’s, the company extended its activity in all the provinces of Andalusia surrounding the Province of Malaga.
In 1986, while the founder, David MORAN, getting older, he decided to forecast the future of the company. This became a necessity.

He had a close relationship with his nephew Amadeo MORAN.
He decided to change the status of the company to a public limited company, to be able to give him a little share. He considered it was new air for the company, and created a new organization chart, with new challenges and new targets always based with the initial team of workers.

Among the aims to accomplish, the most ambitious one was to increase the sales in their area, then to work all over Andalusia and after, stepping in the whole country.
But these projects could only be realized with more workforce and new premises.
In 1992, new lands were acquired in the new industrial area of Antequera, where the company is located now.
The construction of the premises began in 1994 and in November of the same year the company moved in.

However, in spite of taking a new rhythm in the company, it was necessary to concentrate on the management of the company in order to increase the turnover on a solid basis.
The following aim was to expand the market out of the borders, worldwide.
In 1996, Amable MORAN, brother of Amadeo, entered the company. He started a long and hard work to internationalize the company and increased the sales over the initial expectations.

Presently, the company David Moran S.A. has a team of 22 professionals working to maintain the presence of the company worldwide and  the quality-product-service to a high level, under the slogan “Hope and Effort”.


Our firm has been in the field of the Footwear and the Shoe-Repair, for over 60 years, and this long experience has, with no doubt, given us  the capacity and the know-how of this sector.

This know-how that we have experienced in this market during years of work have led us to offer a large variety of high quality products and service related to the footwear, from the hand-made work to the Shoe-Repair.


Therefore, in our market,  we are acting as a Leather supplier, a distributor of footwear items, as well as specialized in the supplies of all orthopaedic products, machinery for the Shoe-Repair, as finishing machines, sewing machines, presses, and even more.

To continue this development as much as complete than complex, it is necessary to forecast the needs, which is the main aim of our company. This has been possible because of the great variety of products we offer and by our product classification:

  • Leathers: Our supplies are cow leathers, calf leathers, goat leathers, sheep leathers, pork leathers. We also supply vegetal tanned leathers, chrome tanned leathers, full grain leathers, shoulders, half backs, leather croupons with grease resistance, calf skins, soles, suede, boxcalf, hides, sheep skins, Hair leather or hair skin for decoration purposes, cutted leather, leather coupons and other sub-products.

    From different origens or produced by famous tanneries such as Muntadas, Farres, Combalia, Miret, Lancina, Atienza, Prieto, Curtidos Segorbe, Celestino Vives, Ballesteros, Gabarró, and others who collaborate for making of the leather a noble material.

  • Rubber supplies: rubber sheets, microcellular sheets, EVA, soft and flexible rubber sheets, rubber soles, half-soles, rubber heels, plastic heels, pin heels, wooden heels, wooden & metal tubes. We collaborate with famous manufacturers such as CASTER, HECSAN, RIERA, TOPY and supply also our DM Brand.

  • Orthopedics: We supply EVA SHEETS in various thicknesses and densities, natural cork, compacted cork, plastazote (polyethylene foam), Poron foam materials, orthopedics footwear ítems such as insoles, pads, arch supports, heel cups, heel cushions, gel items etc?

  • Chemicals: special adhesives like cianocrilate, solvants, PVC Glues, glue containers, measuring cups, brushes, leather dyes, spray dyes, leather creams, waxes : blank wax, shining wax, wax dye, shoe creams, leather cleaners.

    Our main suppliers or brands that we supply are Supercolle, Loctite, DM, Cheq Brill, Abellán, Coxy, Tana, Bama, Palc, Gamma, Forte Plus, Paniker, Insoco, Senya, LJW, OSB, Magix, Hocco, Essentiel, Premium.

  • Various supplies: Rivets, hooks, eyelets, turn buttons, press buttons, brooches, shanks, nails, metal seeds, pistol keys, key holders, metal rings, buckles,metal and plastic protectors, needles, snaps, all kinds of thread for sewing machine or hand sewing, hemp thread, zips, belts, welts, boot loops, Velcro (self-stitching), rubber bands/elastics, foothills, heel pieces.

  • Tools: scissors, hammers, pincers, pliers, boot-pullers, files, compasses, leather knives, graters, rulers, set squares, knives, trimmers, sacaclavos, fileteadores, Needles, handle for Needles, printing and engraving Tools, cutting tools, All these products are branded from famous companies such as: Kretzer, Pidigi, Blanchard, Don Carlos.

  • Machinery: All kinds of machinery, shoe-enlargener stretcher, last, presses, cutting tools for presses, wooden or metal shoe-tree, key pistols, nail driver, cutting machine, key removers, sharpeners, sand paper machines, sand paper rollers, plane or rotating sewing machinery, sewing machine needles, stitching machine, various finishing machines, sanding machines, rotating machines, roughing machine, oil press, key production machinery, keys, remote controls, rubber stamping.

    All these items from renowend prestigious manufacturers, such as: JMA, Durli, Master, Prebena, Adler, Claes, Omher, Obe, Caminiti, Novaclau.

  • Miscelleaneous items: Insoles, laces, belts, shoe creams, shoe horns, boot horns, boot pullers, Shoe & Leather grease, brushes, soaps.

  • Direct sales: insoles, laces, belts, shoe-creams, shoe trees, boot trees, boot pullers, shoe horns, oiled leather shoes, mountain boots, handmade shoes, leather grease, brushes, soap. These products have been manufactured by the following brands : CHEQ BRILL, PLANTILLAS COIMBRA, BANDA AZUL.

As you may notice, with this wide range of products and brands, we can confirm that we have a large covering view, above our professional and technical support towards all our clients.

info@davidmoran.net | Tel: (+34) 952 70 35 50 | Pol. Ind. de Antequera C/ Cueva de Viera 4, 29200 Antequera (Málaga)

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